48″ Automatic TPU Adhesive Powder Shaker

New state of the art Automatic Powder Shaker from STS Inks®
Automatic new 48” TPU Adhesive Powder Shaker is packed with the latest technology to evenly spread and melt the exact amount of adhesive material directly onto your design saving time, effort and cost. Perfect for medium/large size printshops.


STS 48” Auto Shaker Features:

  • Adjustable electrical heating.
  • Infrared drying.
  • Have both auto/manual interface.
  • Mesh/belt driven.
  • Electronically controlled.
  • Can be operated independently or together with a DTF printer.
  • Smart PLC Touch Screen.
  • Tension Feed/Take-up reel.
  • Double-sided curing oven.
  • Vacuum absorption platform.
  • Max width 1200mm
  • 220/240V 50/60Hz
  • 6KW Power
  • Shaker Size (with Air Filter): 1900mm(W) x 2450mm(L) x 1060mm(H)
  • Shaker Size (without Air Filter): 1760mm(W) x 2450mm(L) x 1060mm(H)
  • Packaging size: 1980mmW x 2300mmL x 1140mmH
  • Shipping weight 800KG/1,764 lbs
  • Net weight 700KG/1,543 lbs
$18,750.00 USD