Budget Inks introduces Eco- U  ULTRA for Mutoh!

Quality Inkjet Solutions, insert and print, no flushing...

  • OEM Matched Color Gamut - use existing color profiles
  • Cartridge Compatibility - fully OEM capatibility Mutoh cartridge and Smartcard, just insert & print 
  • Long-term Performance - excellent resistance to color fading (matched OEM durability)
  • High Impact Color - equivalent or better than original OEM inks

Budget Inks Eco-U  ULTRA for Mutoh!

Mutoh ULTRA 440ml 4 pack CMYK $84.95easaleMutoh ULTRA 440ml 4 pack CMYK $84.95ea$339.80 Mutoh ULTRA 440ml BlacksaleMutoh ULTRA 440ml Black$89.95 Mutoh ULTRA 440ml CyansaleMutoh ULTRA 440ml Cyan$89.95 Mutoh ULTRA 440ml MagentasaleMutoh ULTRA 440ml Magenta$89.95
Mutoh ULTRA 440ml YellowsaleMutoh ULTRA 440ml Yellow$89.95