Designed to elevate printing experiences to unprecedented heights, these OEM compatible boxes promise unparalleled performance, exquisite image quality, and uncompromising durability. Crafted with precision and engineered to perfection, Budget Inks' compatible boxes for HP Scitex Ink guarantee an exceptional printing journey. Boasting highly accurate color reproduction and superior print longevity, they redefine industry standards, ensuring each print stands out with vibrant hues and unmatched clarity. 

What sets Budget Inks apart? Its commitment to excellence! Manufactured to the highest standards, Budget Inks UV ink is meticulously formulated for HP's Scitex FB500 and FB700 UV printers. This ultra-premium UV-based ink not only delivers exceptional durability but also ensures seamless media compatibility, empowering users to push the boundaries of their creativity with every print.

Moreover, the compatibility of the HP ink with the original is unparalleled. With a virtual one-to-one match, there's no need to adjust color profiles or flush the lines. Budget Inks takes pride in its USA-made ultra-premium ink, delivering outstanding quality and performance that users can rely on. Join us in embracing the future of printing. Elevate your printing endeavors with Budget Inks' compatible boxes for HP Scitex Ink and experience excellence like never before.

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November, 2020

Customer Name: Caleb Miller 

Company Name: Mile Tree Screen Printing

City / State: Chillicothe, OH

Email: cnkstore6@gmail.com

Phone: 740-774-3306

How long have you been a customer?  For two different machines for 4 or 5 years.

Why did you choose Budget Inks? Had seen them at a tradeshow and the price for a Roland printer were way cheaper and once we used them, they looked just as good. So we continued.

Would you recommend Budget Inks to a colleague or friend? Yes and I have.

Do you use social media? They have a FB page.

Performance questions:

Compared to OEM, do BI have good, better or same: 

    1. Printability? – Just as good if not better, didn’t notice any drop off in quality and everyone gives us complements on how it looks.
    2. Durability?  Never heard any complaints, so it’s very good. We’re still using some of it from when we first started
    3. Scratch resistance? That’s pretty good, can’t recall any issues with that.
    4. Reliability? 
    5. Smell? same as OEM or none? I don’t notice any smell.
    6. Color matched to OEM, ie using same profiles? Yes and everything looks how it should.
    7. When converting, was their any issues, color shifting? banding?  Not that I can remember. We’ve mostly used BI with maybe the exception of the first one or two. 
  • As to customer service, does BI perform great, average or poor when taking new orders?  Definitely great. Whenever issues, they call us w/I the hour.
  • Testimonial approved by customer on 11/11/20

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