Budget Inks introduces ES3 ULTRA for Mimaki!

Quality Inkjet Solutions, insert and print, no flushing...

  • OEM Matched Color Gamut - use existing color profiles
  • Cartridge Compatibility - fully OEM capatibility Mimaki cartridges, just insert & print 
  • Long-term Performance - excellent resistance to color fading (matched OEM durability)
  • High Impact Color - equivalent or better than original OEM inks

Budget Inks ES3 ULTRA for Mimaki!

For customers who are wary about making the switch to third party, this premium formulation has better adhesion, more scratch resistance, and higher gloss levels than OEM making it your go-to product.

The ES3 ULTRA performs so well that you can print side by side OEM! No flushing required and use same color profiles! 

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Mimaki 220ml Cleaning Flush CartridgesaleMimaki 220ml Cleaning Flush Cartridge$48.95 Mimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml 4 pack $74.95easaleMimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml 4 pack $74.95ea$339.80 Mimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml BlacksaleMimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml Black$84.95 Mimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml CyansaleMimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml Cyan$84.95
Mimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml MagentasaleMimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml Magenta$84.95 Mimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml YellowsaleMimaki ES3 ULTRA 440ml Yellow$84.95