• Digital Printing Inks and Cartridges

    Quality Inkjet Solutions, insert and print, no flushing...

    • OEM Matched Color Gamut - use existing color profiles
    • Cartridge Compatibility - Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki, Epson and HP Designjet Latex and others,,,  insert & print cartridges
    • Long-term Performance - excellent resistance to color fading (matched OEM durability)
    • High Impact Color - equivalent or better than original OEM inks
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    100% Guaranteed

    Off Contact Productions established in Toledo in 1999. John Brewer the operation manager states "we are a digital production house using Budget-Inks products for 5 plus years and we can confidently say they perform great. These inks have saved us up ward to a $2,500.00 per month or more..." 

    Budget-Inks Goal is to provide high quality OEM Matched digital inks that are designed for your digital print heads and media compatible.  Each inks is engineered to out perform your OEM products.  It's hard to put into words but what you see is better printability, durability, and reliability 100% Guaranteed.


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    Budget-Inks is a wholesaler of quality inks for digital printers, 100% guaranteed. Matched OEM inks at wholesale prices...