Specifically manufactured to match the performance and color properties of the Eco-Solvent inks for Roland's TruVIS Printers/Cutters, our Ultra Premium Eco-Solvent ink has been optimized specifically for these printers and has a wide color gamut, clean intense colors, smooth tonal gradations, excellent adhesion and compatibility with wide range of coated and uncoated substrates.

Our colors are a virtual match of the original and since it's so incredibly close to the original and is plug & print just like the original. Cut your cost, not your quality!!

Roland TruVis 500ml - Light MagentasaleRoland TruVis 500ml - Light Magenta$79.95 Roland TruVis 500ml - Light CyansaleRoland TruVis 500ml - Light Cyan$79.95 Roland TruVis 500ml - 4 Pack SetsaleRoland TruVis 500ml - 4 Pack Set$299.80 Roland TruVis 500ml - Light BlacksaleRoland TruVis 500ml - Light Black$79.95
Roland TruVis 500ml - YellowsaleRoland TruVis 500ml - Yellow$79.95 Roland TruVis 500ml - MagentasaleRoland TruVis 500ml - Magenta$79.95 Roland TruVis 500ml Cleaning LiquidsaleRoland TruVis 500ml Cleaning Liquid$64.95 Roland TruVis 500ml - CyansaleRoland TruVis 500ml - Cyan$79.95
Roland TruVis 500ml - BlacksaleRoland TruVis 500ml - Black$79.95