HP Designjet ECO 9000 Inks

6 Color Cartridge Ink System for Sign Graphics, Banners and Displays - Durable Prints

Eco Solvent - Odorless Eco Solvent 64s pigment inks produce long-lasting, durable prints with outstanding image quality. OEM Matched colors. Un-laminated prints for exterior resist fading un-laminated, and laminated prints resist fading for over 3-5 years. Designjet Eco Solvent Inks are simply odorless so you won't have to run your exhaust vents any more... OEM Matched in printability and durability. Cartridges are chipped, just insert and print. 

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HP 9000 ECO - Designjet 6 pack Ink SetsaleHP 9000 ECO - Designjet 6 pack Ink Set$800.00 HP 9000 ECO BlacksaleHP 9000 ECO Black$150.00 HP 9000 ECO CyansaleHP 9000 ECO Cyan$150.00 HP 9000 ECO Lt CyansaleHP 9000 ECO Lt Cyan$150.00
HP 9000 ECO Lt MagentasaleHP 9000 ECO Lt Magenta$150.00 HP 9000 ECO MagentasaleHP 9000 ECO Magenta$150.00 HP 9000 ECO YellowsaleHP 9000 ECO Yellow$150.00