About Us


Our Story

Budget Inks LLC was started as a division of Off Contact Products, which is a successful wide format digital printer, founded in 1999. in 2003 we started a vehicle wrapping division called Budget Wraps.  Budget Wraps is a wholesale production house making high quality digital graphics for many commercial market segments (i.e. vehicle graphics including fleet trailers, commercial and transit graphics) and also sells into the sign industry for exterior applications, banners, POP graphics, exhibits and trade show displays. Off Contact Products and Budget Wraps division is a print for pay model that has been profitable for over 14 years. As with most print for pay businesses, one of our largest expenses besides the media we print on is the costs our digital inks.

That's where Savings come in.

Off Contact Products / Budget Wraps goal was to reduce the costs associated with buying inks without affecting the print quality and durability. As we searched for new equipment we found that if you spend $250,000+ you can buy ink under $100.00 a liter, In our case we run multiple printers (Seiko 64s and HP 9000’s) and are stuck paying over $225.00 per cartridge. Our ink search started and we searched far and wide for a for a high quality replacement. Our goal was to not only find ink that worked, but to have the color gamut match our existing one and of course to have the lasting durability of our OEM products. In the fall of 2006, after a long search we found InkJet Systems located in Singapore.

Budget-Inks.com - 2008

Spring of 2008 we launched Budget Inks selling HP 9000 and Seiko 64s ink cartridges.  Then in April 2010 Budget Inks expanded our scope of quality ink manufactures including USA made products.  All Budget Ink products are engineered with plug and print quality, no flushing required.  Reliability and durability you can count on and of course 100% guaranteed...

Sharing The Savings

Our goal of reducing our in-house ink cost is now being shared with you through our Budget-Inks division. We offer these quality OEM matched products to you directly: our direct importing allows you to save $450.00 with buying just 6 cartridges. Currently we offer cartridge solutions for Roland, Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, HP Designjet’s Latex, 360, L26,500, L25,500, 5000/5500, z6100, 8000, 9000 and Seiko 64s printers.

OEM Matched, No Flushing, Just Insert and Print. It's that easy.

These inks are designed to provide turnkey replacements for your OEM ink cartridges. Our inks are engineered with matching color gamuts and chemistry's making your ink conversions quick and simple. Just insert the cartridges and print. We print with these inks and it is our goal through Budget-Inks is to pass on these great products to your business.

Highest Quality Products

We understand that our customers have a few choices for ink products and we take our relationship with your company very seriously. We understand that quality ink is the lifeblood of your printers and printing is the cash flow of your business. We have aligned ourselves with the world’s best digital ink manufactures, in the USA and abroad.  Our inks are manufactured to provide the most consistent and compatible products for your printers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Recapping, Off Contact Products established in Toledo in 1999 and Budget Wraps division established in 2003 as digital production houses using these products, we can confidently say they perform great. As a production house we can write our own ICC profiles, but you won't have too.  The color gamuts match the OEM Mfg inks so close that you won't even know you changed inks...  Trust us, we and we are a Christian based company and operate with very high business ethics. Our goal is to provide high quality digital inks that are machine and media compatible at lower costs. Budget Inks is your quality choice for partnering with for your digital ink solutions.