Mutoh Digital Printing Inks and Cartridges

Quality Inkjet Solutions, insert and print, no flushing...

  • OEM Matched Color Gamut - use existing color profiles
  • I Liter Bags Compatibility - fully compatible with OEM Mutoh inks, just insert & print bags
  • Long-term Performance - excellent resistance to color fading (matched OEM durability)
  • High Impact Color - equivalent or better than original OEM inks

Plug and Print 1 Liter Pouch for Mutoh ValueJet 1324, 1624, and 1638. For use in Mutoh's high capacity ink pack adaptor kit, this premium Eco Solvent ink is specifically formulated to match the original Eco Ultra specifications. This allows for a direct match in color gamut, compatibility, and long term performance.

Run side by side OEM or go back to OEM at any time, it's that good! Each 1 liter pouch includes a programmed 1 liter smart card ready to plug and print without flushing.

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Mutoh 1 Liter Pouch - BlacksaleMutoh 1 Liter Pouch - Black$149.95 Mutoh 1 Liter Pouch - CyansaleMutoh 1 Liter Pouch - Cyan$149.95 Mutoh 1 Liter Pouch - MagentaMutoh 1 Liter Pouch - Magenta$149.95 Mutoh 1 Liter Pouch - YellowsaleMutoh 1 Liter Pouch - Yellow$149.95