HP 831A Latex Cartridges For HP 310, 330, and 360

6 Color Cartridge Ink System for Sign Graphics, Banners and Displays - Durable 

Latex Inks are ideal for wide and super-wide inkjet print applications including event banners, transit signage, and other outdoor applications as well as for high-quality indoor signage. From durable outdoor signage to odorless indoor display, Latex Inks offer the versatility to print on both coated and uncoated media while enabling high-speed and high-productivity printing that reduces labor costs.

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HP 360 Latex 6 Pack - 69.95 eachsaleHP 360 Latex 6 Pack - 69.95 each$419.70 HP 831A Latex BlackHP 831A Latex Black$79.95 HP 831A Latex CyanHP 831A Latex Cyan$79.95 HP 831A Latex Lt. CyanHP 831A Latex Lt. Cyan$79.95
HP 831A Latex Lt. MagentaHP 831A Latex Lt. Magenta$79.95 HP 831A Latex MagentaHP 831A Latex Magenta$79.95 HP 831A Latex YellowHP 831A Latex Yellow$79.95