Direct to Film printing is a method that rivals Direct to Garment printing (DTG) and allows users to print their logos and/or artwork onto a special type of coated PET film. This film is then used to transfer the printed image onto textiles using a lightweight powder adhesive that can be applied manually or by using an automatic powder shaker to distribute the adhesive evenly across the artwork and film, and with this added step, the transfer process is made possible. STS Inks has everything you need to get started.

This coated PET film is manufactured to handle the high temperatures and pressures used from a heat press. Our high-quality printable film works with any desktop or large format DTF printer and is available from STS Inks.

Having the correct adhesive powder can make all the difference in DTF printing. STS inks carries such powders, and you’ll be pleased with their results. Our powders can withstand up to 40+ washes with great coverage and a high-level transfer rate. And keep in mind, any excess powder can always be reused for the next transfer to get the most out of your investment.

When it comes to printing inks, STS leads the way with its vast array of high-quality ink types. That’s why you’re guaranteed STS DTF ink has been specially formulated for this process and is made in the US where rigorous quality testing is the norm. For over twenty years, STS Inks has provided its customers with the American made quality they’ve come to expect, and DTF inks for DTF film printing are no exception.

STS 24″ 628D-C DTF Printer - Program 2saleSTS 24″ 628D-C DTF Printer - Program 2$11,250.00 STS 24″ 628D-C DTF Printer - Program 1saleSTS 24″ 628D-C DTF Printer - Program 1$9,995.00