Large Format Printer Inkjet Serviceman

SAM*INK® Serviceman

People often ask…

“Sam, what makes a professional SAM*INK® serviceman?”

I tell them…

“Someone who can fix large-format printers inside out,
Someone who keeps their promise & shows up on time,
An honest trustworthy person,
Someone who takes ownership, and
Cleans up when he is done
Someone like…the SAM*INK® serviceman
That’s right…your most trusted printer repair service
SAM*INK® serviceman…We Work Harder.”

I want you to know that we stand behind our work 100%.
That means we are not done until you are satisfied.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We can offer this guarantee because our professional servicemen have a many years experience digital equipment repair. Performing ALL types of services on the HP DesignJet, Roland SolJet Pro & VersaArt series, Mutoh ValueJet series, Mimaki JV3 JV33 JV5 series printers.

That means with one mouse click, you can take care of your entire to-do list. Everything from cleaning ink-tubes to a complete new printer install and have it done right the first time. It is like adding time to your week. Giving you more free time.

Competent and trustworthy, our servicemen have undergone thorough training and will arrive in your office on time every time…

Let SAM*INK® serviceman be the service you are so happy with you want to recommend us to your family and friends. One clink does it all. Click Equip Service to lean more about the SAM*INK® services you need.

What happens when you click or call a SAM*INK® Serviceman?

We, ‘the Serviceman’, will ask you for your company’s name & he will ask if you are calling for the very first time.
He will then ask for the printer’s model, its serial number, and the problems you are having with the printer.
If this is a problem that does not need an on-site service, he can give a few free tips on how to fix it yourself.
If this is a serious enough problem that needs and on-site service, he will be compassionate & honestly explain that in order to get the printer printing again in the least amount of time & the lowest amount of cost, that you will need an on-site service.

We are in the business to serve you with the best inks and service of your equipment… Thanks for your time….

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