Our compatible bags for Brother Direct to Garment are formulated to deliver the highest performance with even greater image quality, highly accurate color reproduction and superior print longevity, Direct to Garment inks are manufactured to the highest standards specifically for Brother's GT-3 Printer Series

This ultra premium Direct to Garment ink also provides exceptional durability and allows you to printĀ on multiple fabric types, both light and dark. Achieve sharper and more precise imagesĀ a with our Direct to Garment inks and since it's so incredibly close to the original, there's no need to change the color profile or flush the lines, it's Plug & Print just like the original.

This ink bags easily fit into any Brother OEM GT-3 cartridge.

Our ultra premium ink is Made in the USA for outstanding quality and performance you can count on.

Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - White - GC-30W38Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - White - GC-30W38$139.95 Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - Magenta - GC-30M38Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - Magenta - GC-30M38$109.95 Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - Yellow - GC-30Y38Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - Yellow - GC-30Y38$109.95 Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - Cyan - GC-30C38Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - Cyan - GC-30C38$109.95
Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - Black - GC-30K38Brother DTG 380ml Pouch - Black - GC-30K38$109.95